When fear takes over

I sat down today and searched deep down within myself and realized that fear is one of the things i’m battling with. Fear can be felt from the inside or from the outside meaning what we constantly keep hearing from what people around us tell us. None of the above is better and i noticed that fear really keeps you in a shell where your true potential can not be seen because you think you are doing it all wrong. Fear keeps you in a place where you are not shifting and what i mean by this is that whenever you decide to take one step ahead, you then take 50 steps backwards. Do you ever feel like everyone around you can’t seem to relate with your fears? What do you do when fear kicks in? Have you ever told someone your business plan or your vision and that person tells you in your face that you should never think about it? I must tell you that this has happened to me before and that you are not alone. One thing that keeps helping me to overcome my fears is perseverance i repeat PERSEVERANCE and you might think to yourself why does she emphasize on this? Without perseverance and really pushing through hard situations, you almost can’t achieve anything oh yes as hard as it sounds, it’s the reality. Different people are going to walk up to you and dictate to you what you can and can’t handle doing but are you going to consider everything they say true or look them in the face and say it doesn’t matter what you think but i’m going to try? I don’t think that i would have accomplished a quarter of the things i have accomplished today if i didn’t persevere and really listened to myself. The enemy is always there to distract us and fear is a form of a distraction in our lives. This is the part i say that people we surround ourselves with are very important but don’t it get twisted God is still number one out of all this. By praying to God, we can hear from him so what voice are you listening to? Do you hear from God or does the enemy keep whispering in your ear all the time? It says in 2 Timothy 1:7 For the spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self discipline therefore fear is not from God but the enemy. Article by JK


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