The friendships we choose are as important as the relationships we choose


I came to a deeper understanding that the people we let into our lives are very significant. A lot of people are involved in different kinds of friendships and relationships but they never stop for a second to weigh what they let in or rather accept. We as human beings tend to fall in love with what we see on the outside and not on the inside for example you can like someone because of their background , popularity and looks but forget to look at what values that person adds to your life. There is nothing wrong with being all the mentioned things above but you have to understand that friendships and relationships have a foundation oh yes they do therefore you have to choose wisely who you bring into your life and i say “wisely” because you can have knowledge but miss wisdom. The focus is usually that we should pursue Godly relationships and not Godly friendships but Godly friendships lead to Godly relationships. I always say this but you attract what you are and as long as you still surround yourself with a specific category of people that shouldn’t be in your life to begin with , then you are blocking the right people that God has ordained for your life to locate you. When you get in God’s circle of people, he networks for you without making so much effort in other words God speeds up the process and this is why when people come to an encounter with God, their lives begin to change drastically at such a high speed that ordinary human beings can’t comprehend. Many out there are in toxic friendships and relationships where God is never discussed, where God is not the center, where there is no conviction of the holy spirit, where it’s totally acceptable to break people’s hearts, where purity is under looked, where there is no uplifting but degrading one another and where prayer is dismissed. When you choose to walk with people who don’t have the mind of Christ, chances are you are compromising your destines because you see the people around you will either make or destroy you so i challenge you today to reevaluate who your friends are and look back at the type of relationships you always find yourself in.  Are you the type who is always before God praying for a Proverbs 31 woman and an Ephesians 5 man yet you still live a life that doesn’t honor God and dress in a way that does not glorify God? Listen God has his anointed men and women out there and the sad news is that they are a few therefore he is not willing to waste them. So if you want God to bless you with such a man or woman, it all has to start with your relationship with God and how far you are willing to let him use you for his own glory. For those in relationships , make sure that the person you have chosen puts God before you meaning they have a personal relationship with God, they challenge you intellectually in the word of God, they have a heart willing to serve God along side with you, they are Godly and not just lukewarm Christians because anyone can be a christian but not everyone is Godly so what this means is that a christian is someone who can potentially be in both the christian world and the secular world. However , a Godly person is someone completely sold out to God,  set apart and sanctified in other words there are certain things they can not do anymore and finally make sure both your bodies are put into consideration( Very important) . It says in 2 Corinthians 6:14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?

Article by JK


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