The value and importance of a God given vision

A Vision is the act or power of imagination. I like the word imagination and this only goes to show that a vision is something that can totally be invented. Life without a vision or visions is almost hard therefore everyone should know where they want to be in life. The beauty about a vision is that no matter how much you might want to quit, the idea of once having it in your mind keeps driving you in other words you can only fall but you will always get up. A vision can be God given or it can be self given. God can speak to us through visions like he spoke to Daniel,Cornelius,John and so many more in the bible. There are times where God’s vision is above your own vision. There are a lot of people in ministry today who are not necessarily doing what they intended on doing but they allowed God to divert what they thought was good enough for them. You must leave an open door for God to interrupt your “plans”. There are a lot of times where we want to go ahead of God and think we see the same things about ourselves like God does but God sees us differently and for that reason, he ends up changing our whole existence. For God to interrupt your initial vision, you have to recognize God as God and have a willing heart to go where God wants you to go because where God wants you is higher than where you could possibly reach without him. A God given vision is also the ground of your training which means that before God can accomplish what he has in store for you, he must build your character which includes endurance, perseverance, discipline, prayer life and above all a relationship with him. You must undergo a process which is not a rosy process because everything you do or say is put to the test. A God given vision is also something which has existed with God in clear-cut definition in the eternal counsels from the beginning. It is not something abstract or nebulous, something that is what people term ‘visionary’ or mystical. It is quite definite, clear and real in the mind and intention of God. God-given vision is not something subsequent to eventualities, an afterthought because of things having arisen unexpectedly; a kind of alternative to what God originally meant. It is not a substitute for His original plan. It is not an emergency expedient because of a situation unforeseen. God-given vision has its roots outside of time and circumstance, eventualities, contingencies or emergencies. All those things have been already taken account of, and have so to speak been swallowed up in the vision of God. Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom’s instruction.
Article by JK


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